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Where to see us
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December 2019Sun 15th12.45pmStockThe Bear Pub CM4 9BH
April 2020Sat 25th11.00 11.45 Mummers PlayBillericayBillericay High Street Edith Lane
Sat 25th2.00pmBillericayHigh St Chequers Pub
September 2020Sat 5th7.30pm-11pmBillericayCanon Roche Barn Dance for Milkmaids and Ploughboys
October 2020Fri 9th4 day visitLeyden HollandTown Centre with Utrecht Morris
December 2020Sun 13th12.45StockThe Bear Pub CM4 9BH

Fancy a go?

Do you enjoy dancing? Why not join us? The Mayflower Morrismen are open to men of all ages. When not dancing out, we practise at St Mary Magdalen in the High Street every Thursday, starting at 8.00pm during school term times. As an experienced dancer or an absolute beginner you'll be equally welcome.