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Boy's Morris Dancing

In October 2022 we intend to start a Mayflower Morris Men boys' side. It is for boys 9-11years ( school years 5-6 ) or older but teenagers would attend the men's practice. Morris dancing has a long history in our town ( at least from 1575) and we are determined to see it continue.The steps, figures and music are passed down by word of mouth. It is not easy to dance well and it requires spatial awareness, coordination, stamina, grace, memory and a sense of determination. The morris dancer dances individually but symmetrically within a synchronised team. It is like rugby-ballet-steeplechasing and table tennis all in one. So it feels really reawarding, exhilarating even, when you master it. There is also a strong bond of fellowship.

Today, interviewers look for something more than just paper qualifications on a CV: the characterful, the community-spirited, the personal goal achieved, the quirky, that which makes a person stand out from a crowd. Becoming a living part of the town's heritage and tradition certainly fulfills that brief.

Free tuition is provided by two police checked retired teachers in Billericay. We are happy for parents to accompany their sons.

If you are interested, email us at

We will send you all the details including where and when.


Julian Whybra

Squire Mayflower Morrismen

Last Updated: Thu 16th June 2022