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Officers of the Side, Fools & Animal: 1973 - Present
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Squire1973-1978Paul Warwick
1978-1979Steve Orme
1979-1981Jim Tidmarsh
1981-1984Julian Whybra
1984-1986Tony Gray
1986-1988Harry Fisher
1988-1992Mike Oxenham
1992-1994Tony Motley
1994-1996Mike Smith
1996-2001Julian Whybra
2001-2003Ken Smith
2003-2009Tony Motley
2009-2012Ken Smith
2012-2013Tony Motley
2013-2016Geoff Douglas
2016- PresentJulian Whybra
Animal1978-PresentBill Badger
Foreman1978-1981Jim Tidmarsh
1981-1984Paul Bonsor
1984-1993Julian Whybra
1993-1995Mike Smith
1995-1996Jeremy Rowley
1996Mike Smith
1996-PresentJulian Whybra
Bagman1973-1975Geoff Douglas
1975-1978Jim Tidmarsh
1978-1988Mike Oxenham
1988-1990Dave Johnson
1990-1991Tony Motley
1991-1992Secretary: Tony Motley
1991-1992Treasurer: Tony Gray
1992-1995Geoff Douglas
1995-1997Ken Smith
1997-2001Treasurer: Ken Smith
1997-2013Secretary: Geoff Douglas
2001-2003Treasurer: Paul Mower
2003-2005Treasurer: Ken Smith
2005-2007Treasurer: Ross Holland
2007-2009Treasurer: Ken Smith
2009 - PresentTreasurer: Andrew Reynolds
2013-2016Secretary: Rob Cadman
2016 - PresentGeoff Douglas
Fool1976-1978Steve Orme
1978-1979Julian Whybra
1979-1987Harry Fisher
1987-1991Tony Motley
1991-1994Harry Fisher
1994-2003Tony Motley
2003-2006Richard Perry
2006-2016Julian Whybra
2016 - 2017Tony Motley
2017-2019Julian Whybra
2019-presentRob Cadman